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Before you begin, please be aware of the following rules:
  1. You must be a member of the NYYFans forums to participate in this contest. (Fans of any team may particpate.)
    1. If you are not already a member, please sign up.
  2. You must remain a posting member of the forums from now through the end of the 2013 baseball season.
  3. Here's how the contest works:
    1. The first section of the contest is a set of simple yes-or-no questions on whether a player will be on the opening day roster. (Note: If a player is on the disabled list to start the season, he will be counted as a YES as part of the 25 man roster.)
    2. The second section involves Yankee firsts in 2013. Choose the player you feel will attain each first.
    3. In the third section, you'll see a Yankee player and a target amount for a particular stat. Simply pick whether the actual value for that stat will be over or under that target.
      • If the target stat is reached exactly, the choice of Over will win.
      • Note: The stats for each player are only stats compiled as a Yankee, so if you feel that a player will not remain a Yankee all year, keep that in mind when predicting.
    4. In the next three sections there will be a few questions about the Yankees in general. Answer those questions in the space provided.
    5. At the end are several tiebreaker questions that should be filled out and will only be used if there is a tie for first place. If players are still tied after the tiebreaker questions, the winner will be determined based on whose responses are as closest to the correct answers.
    6. Many of the questions ask you to enter the name of a player. To make the lives of the contest moderators much, much easier, please avoid nicknames and misspellings, typing the first and last name of the player exactly as it would appear on baseball-reference.com (except please leave out accents on vowels). Here are the correct spellings of a few commonly entered, commonly misspelled players:
      • Alex Rodriguez (not ARod, A-Rod, etc.)
      • Mark Teixeira (not Tex or any of the many mangled variations)
      • CC Sabathia (not CC, Sabbathia, etc.)
  4. The deadline for entry is midnight Eastern time on the night of Saturday, March 16, 2013.
  5. Please feel free to direct any questions about the contest itself to JDPNYY on NYYFans.com.
  6. Technical questions about this web site can be directed to sweet_lou_14 on NYYFans.com.